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Delivery Information

Delivery charges are calculated based on the size of the package being shipped as well as the weight of the package. Often several items can be shipped in one package. Our shipping calculator takes the total of your order and ads a percentage to that order. The percentage is found by averaging the shipping cost of orders totalling in the same range as your order over a span of two years. Shipping charges, however, are actual, meaning we charge the same amount to our customer that we are charged by the delivery company. There could be additional charges, or you may be due a partial refund after your order has shipped. If you are not familiar with the UPS or FedEx ground shipping charges you may want to email us for a shipping quote at You may also use our Live Help feature at the top of all pages on our website as well as call us toll free at 877-234-9222 Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm EST. Additionally, some large items must be shipped via truck freight. These items include hoods, large fenders, doors, some bumpers and tailgates, as well as a few other items. These items must be signed for upon delivery. Since signing for these items indicates that they've arrived in good condition, these items must be inspected before they're signed for.

We ship out of the United States. If you are taking delivery outside of the United States you are responsible for any additional charges related to border crossings that may be due, which can include, but aren't limited to, customs, duties, and tax. We only charge for the actual transportation of the order.

For RETURNS, please call or email us ahead of time before sending your return. All returns should be shipped to Key Parts FMR Returns, 22290 Timberlake Rd, Unit C, Lynchburg VA 24502.

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